Dustin Pedroia: The Exemplar Athlete

And to think the Red Sox considered to include their 2nd baseman during their offseason overhaul just a short time ago.

Before Boston’s game at Philadelphia on Wednesday, Red Sox manager John Farrell told reporters that Dustin Pedroia sustained a torn ligament in his thumb earlier this year, opted out of a potential surgery, and continued to play on with his injury. Up to this point, there are no signs of any regression from Pedroia as a result of his ailing thumb, who in fact has better numbers in nearly every statistical category at this point in the season than at the same time last year.

This isn’t the first time the heart-and-soul of the Red Sox has put his team ahead of his own needs, but goes to show once again the kind of special player and part of an organization he is. His willingness to play through his pain and therefore securing early-season success for Boston–an unselfishness unique to the Red Sox over the past few years–is a quality every athlete should aspire to embody.

The decision by Pedroia is not only a testament to his own character–and growing figure as a hallowed Boston sports legend–but also a valuable attitude to the Red Sox locker room. A selfless act such as fighting through a major thumb injury only promotes other teammates to do the same if they were caught in a similar situation: to shift their focus away from themselves and more towards the team. Pedroia, through his actions, has essentially become a source for improving a Boston locker room environment that is still going through a healing process.

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