Stanley Cup Final: Bruins-Blackhawks 2nd Period Notes

Per usual, Boston’s play stems from hard-nosed defense. The blocked shots continue, stifling Chicago’s chances for now. The Bruins goal–to start the 2nd period–came from a defensive stand, as the puck quickly traveled towards Chicago’s goal, and Lucic netted his second goal in a “transition play”.

16:52- It was only a matter of time until Chicago would convert on one of its chances. Brandon Saad made sure he made the best of his opportunity right in front of the goal, decreasing the deficit for the Blackhawks by 1; Bruins lead 2-1, but the momentum is all on Chicago’s side.

12:23- Horton picks up the interference penalty, in what at first seemed like a goal-scoring opportunity for the Bruins. This is easily the best chance for the Blackhawks all night.

11:40- And as if it couldn’t get worse, it becomes a 5 on 3 because Boston had an extra man on the ice. This could get ugly, and the United Center is smelling blood.

10:23- The Bruins emerge alive from the dreaded 5 on 3 penalty! Still a power play for Chicago, but with the Blackhawks not even getting a shot on goal, the last minute or two have been quite promising as well as nerve-wracking for Boston. 

In conclusion for this amazing penalty kill for Boston, blocked shots once again keyed the way. And I remind you: 2-man advantage for Chicago, 0 shots. I’m at a loss. 

7:07- Another penalty against Boston, this time punishing the enormous Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara. Boston will be hard-pressed to come out of this stretch with no harm done.

5:05- That makes 18 straight penalty kills for Boston in these playoffs. For a team in Chicago that appeared to just need a one-man advantage to get back in this game, it’s astonishing how they’ve let 3 great chances go to waste. 

Chicago’s quality of play certainly increased in the 2nd period, but not necessarily during the team’s most opportune of times: 3 fantastic man-advantages resulted in few shots and no goals. As for Boston, the team has held fast to its style of play: exceptional goaltending and defensive gradually contribute to efficient offensive trips. Therefore, Rask and the Bruins defensive line definitely deserve the praise for Boston’s success so far. 


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