Rapid Reaction: 2013 NBA Draft Picks 11-15

The T-Wolves took a gamble picking Muhammad at 14th.

The T-Wolves took a gamble picking Muhammad at 14th.

8:42 Bilas tries to explain the 3-way trade involving Noel and Jrue Holiday…and it’s not going anywhere. Apparently Noel will be headed to Philly, while Holiday will team up with Gordon, Rivers, and Davis in the Big Easy. Some draft picks involved as well.

8:43 Broussard confirms that the Burke pick by Minnesota was made for Utah, who will give up their 14th and 21st picks in return.

8:44 The 76ers pick Michael Carter-Williams, supposedly to replace Holiday who was recently traded away. MCW brings a unique size for the point guard position, but will have to improve on his shot to succeed in the NBA.

8:50 OKC selects a project in Steven Adams with the 12th pick they got from the James Harden trade.

This pick certainly address the Thunder’s concern in the post. Adams did not necessarily establish himself in terms of point-scoring, but has a strong defensive presence and great rebounding ability. Adams might not even have to wait for playing time down the road–he could take Kendrick Perkins’ spot starting this season.

8:55 Simmons reinstates how much of a bad decision it was for Oklahoma City to essentially take 3 young players in exchange for a franchise player in James Harden. I second that premise.

8:58 And the Gonzaga superstar Kelly Olynyk, who’s not in the Barclay’s Center, is selected by Dallas…who, according to Andy Katz, is being traded to Boston for a few 2nd round picks.

This is part of the effort by Dallas to avoid adding to their salary cap, while the Celtics get much-needed help in the frontcourt: both for scoring and rebounding.

9:05 Shabazz Muhammad has been selected by the Jazz, and will go to Minnesota through a prior trade.

Personally, I don’t really like an egotistical person like Muhammad entering the NBA. He unquestionably has the talent, but with poor character, as well as displaying a mediocre defensive effort in college

9:09 Simmons ruins the draft for everything by saying there’s a 10% chance these next guys become starters. Thanks.

9:11 Giannis Antetokounmpo goes to the Bucks. There goes our first obscure foreign player.

Note that the Greek will have to develop over the years, and might not even play NBA basketball for some time. Jalen Rose puts it best I think: for the small market that doesn’t attract free agents that Milwaukee is, the organization must pick players that will succeed right away–and that’s not the case for Giannis.

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