Rapid Reaction: 2013 NBA Draft Picks 6-10

Detroit snatched KCP a pick before Minnesota could.

Detroit snatched KCP a pick before Minnesota could.

8:11 Bilas insinuates that Rece is insane to think that Noel and Anthony Davis can work together on the same team.

8:12 “The New Orleans Pelicans–yes, the New Orleans Pelicans”–select Nerlens Noel.

So the Kentucky Wildcat finally is selected after an anxious wait. The Pelicans address uncertainty at the center position, and essentially express that Robin Lopez is not the answer at the position.

Just a side note: there’s a chance opposing teams won’t be able to even touch the rim with the unibrow and hi-top hovering over their basket.

8:16 “[The Kings] are running to the podium to select McLemore”. And Simmons’ confident assertion is validated! The Kings will certainly put forth an intriguing lineup, as Isaiah Thomas, Tyreke Evans, and now McLemore will prove the team won’t be at a lack for offense.

The mentoring of McLemore while in Sacramento will be essential to his success–someone has to communicate to him that he has the talent to boldly assert himself as a team leader and superstar in this league.

8:23 The all-knowing Andy Katz reports that Nerlens Noel is on the move to Philadelphia–who is familiar to big men with knee problems.

8:25 Kentavious Caldwell-Pope goes to Detroit. He’s my guy in this draft. KCP plays with a sweet smoothness, and is one of the best shooters in this draft. Coupled with his explosiveness and defensive potential, the Bulldog will surely make his impact felt at the next level.

The Pistons’ selection might have also broken the hearts of Minnesota Timberwolve brass: the organization became attached to the guard, and would have filled the need for shooting and simply a shooting guard.

8:29 I don’t think there’s a single mock draft that will be correct after tonight’s draft. The turmoil in the first 10 picks really speaks to the mediocrity with respect to other drafts–no projection and forecast is truly definite as no player/s stand out from the bunch.

8:30 The T-Wolves choose Trey Burke…but will he actually end up in Minnesota? Rubio is already there, so I assume Burke will soon be sent elsewhere.

If he does in fact stay in Minnesota, the Spaniard he’ll be teaming up with in the back court is a pass-first point guard…but so is Burke to an extent. Regardless, he’ll have a chip on his shoulder coming into the league, which will aid his play and development.

8:34 Mother Burke acknowledges that the Utah Jazz are a likely destination for Trey in a trade.

8:36 Another mid-major star will be headed to Portland: scorer C.J. McCollum is a Trail Blazer. McCollum can play point guard, but will act more as a combo guard/shooting guard in working with fellow backcourt teammate Damian Lillard. A solid pick, and even better considering the Lehigh guard is polished after playing all 4 years in college.


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