Tebow’s Presence: A Boost in Dimensionality

Tebow could find his niche in the Patriots offense.

Tebow could find his niche in the Patriots offense.

Before the Patriots faithful starts to push Tim Tebow out of Foxboro, it’s worth considering what the most polarizing quarterback brings to the table–and perhaps not at his natural position.

It’s hard to blame the bleak outlook on Tebow during his stint with the Patriots thus far: through two preseason games, the third-stringer has only connected on 5 of 19 passes for a total of 54 yards, and according to Pro Football Focus’s assessment, owns the lowest QB rating. While he’s shown flashes of the creativity he utilized to revive the Denver Broncos’ season two years ago, he’s appeared disoriented and helpless at other times as well.

Yet the idea that Tebow must stick to signal-calling in order to succeed would not only have given him a ticket out of Foxboro long ago, but it is also erroneous. Despite his displays of ineptitude throwing from the pocket, Tebow works best at creating chances–particularly on the ground–which was evident during the games against Philadelphia and Tampa Bay: in total, he run for 61 yards on 10 attempts in those contests.

And if Tebow presumably relinquishes his resolute desire to play at the quarterback position for the time being, he has potential to supply a valuable contribution to a Patriots offense in need of an extra lift. There’s no question that the absence of so many prominent offensive fixtures heading into the 2013 season creates a dire need for new options on offense. And with Tebow, occasional appearances would fill the void for creativeness. Whether it’s lining up in the backfield in the role of a fullback, or taking charge and implementing a wildcat formation, Tebow has the ability to serve as a unique and beneficial asset, perhaps becoming an offensive hybrid for the Patriots. The emphasis will surely remain on Tom Brady and his new corps of receivers, but adding a crafty playmaker like Tebow to a rushing attack already on the rise adds a useful wrinkle on the offensive of the ball.

And if added versatility to an offense looking to reinforce itself isn’t enough of an incentive to give Tebow a chance, take into consideration the popular New Englander motto of “In Belichick We Trust”. The longest-tenured mastermind has proved correct in judgement a countless number of times, earning a special trust in the hearts of the Patriots organization and fanbase. And with Belichick’s fondness for backup quarterbacks, and recent remark about Tebow’s improvement, what’s the harm in entering the season with a chance to reap only the best of “Tebowmania”?

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