Tempe Prep Football- March Article

Senior Andrew Stough signs his letter of intent to play football at ACU.

Senior Andrew Stough signs his letter of intent to play football at ACU.

On every first Wednesday of February, high schools across the nation celebrate National Signing Day. A critical juncture in the college football offseason, this day features high school football players who sign binding letters of intent to play at the university level. As much as the event is promoted throughout the country, it usually passes without a trace on the Tempe Prep campus. Yet on February 5th—2014’s edition of signing day—senior Andrew Stough signed a letter of intent to play football at Arizona Christian University.

Stough first became a starter on the Knights football team halfway through his sophomore season, playing on the offensive line. Since then, he started every game in the remainder of his career, as well as played on the defensive line as he progressed into his upperclassman years. During his time with the TPA football program, his coach, Mr. Brittain, described him as a “leader amongst his peers” who possessed a “tireless work ethic in the weight room.”

Stough will now step into a unique situation, as the Arizona Christian football program begins its inaugural season in the fall of 2014. Though he was first contacted by ACU as a prospective student, Stough really began to consider the school when asked if he would be interested in playing football there. After meeting his potential future coaches and visiting the school campus, Stough finally decided to commit on National Signing Day, signing a letter of intent that would include a $2,000 scholarship.

While he still needs to work out the financial aspect of attending ACU, Stough says he “[looks] forward to just playing again, being on the field with [teammates], and playing with other people.” He will become only the seventh player from Tempe Prep football to go on and play at the college level. Coach Brittain adds that “his goal has been to play college football for the last few years and through his hard work, dedication and God-given size, his dream is about to become a reality.”

*Published on March 24th.


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